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Thanks for visiting my site Living UK Taiwan.   The new URL for my blog is now http://livinguktaiwan.com I will continue to blog from that new site, and all my new posts, as well as the old ones on this site can be found there.    Please do check out my new site using the above... Continue Reading →

The moving columns from Jerash, Jordan 會移動的古建築

Jordanian journey at Jerash, one of the oldest Roman Archaeological sites. Today I'm going to show you some of the other structures, including one that moves. 上次開始約旦之旅到傑拉什,今次繼續行程會分享遺址其他建築物,包括一座會移動的。 The South Theatre was built around 90 - 92 AD and sits 3000 people. That may sound like a lot of people for such a small space, but... Continue Reading →

Jordan Ruins Jerash 約旦遺址傑拉什

Jordan is one of my three most memorable holidays (the others being the northern lights in Finland and the Machu Picchu in Peru). I'm going to start my first post on my Jordanian journey with a day out to the Roman ruins at Jerash. 約旦是我三個最難忘旅程之一(另外兩個是在芬蘭看北極光和秘魯的馬丘比丘)。 約旦之旅的第一篇,我從羅馬古城傑拉什開始。 Jerash is about 48km north of Jordan's capital Amman,... Continue Reading →

A mesmerizing one minute gift 一分鐘的禮物

送給你一分鐘的禮物。希望你喜歡。 The other day I was playing with the time lapse function on my mobile phone and wanted to capture the sunset. Sadly it never appeared. Instead, I managed to capture something much more mesmerizing. Here's a gift from me to you. I hope you will enjoy it.

Staircases in Vietnam 越南的樓梯

On my recent trip to Saigon I discovered many elegant staircases in Vietnam. Maybe because Vietnam used to be a French colony, maybe the Vietnamese are much better at preserving their architecture, or maybe they just like their staircases - a place which can take you up, or down, depending on which way you're heading.... Continue Reading →

A colourful world 七彩繽紛的世界

I know many people loved to collect rubbers, pencils, pencil sharpeners or stationery of all kinds when they were a kid. I was never one of them, but in recent years I love to wander around stationery shops. At one end of the spectrum you have the sophisticated and sleek design objects making it an... Continue Reading →

Calling all anime fans!! 動漫粉絲快來看看!

Calling all anime fans!! I'm sure you guys and girls will love this place! This is the Painted Animation Lane in Taichung Taiwan. 動漫粉絲! 大家快來看看! 我相信你一定會喜歡這條台中的動漫彩繪巷。 Whenever I come here, and that's normally when I have visitors, there's always a group of people here taking photos. It's not just tourists, many locals like to come... Continue Reading →

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