Foodie Journal in Bologna 博洛尼亞美食之旅

The other day I started my foodie journey in Bologna at the local market and a toastie shop. Today we will continue with drinks and dinner. 上次博洛尼亞美食之旅去了當地一家市集及烤麵包店,現在我們繼續尋找美食吧! DRINKS 飲料 On my last afternoon in Bologna it started to drizzle. I was nearly 3 weeks into my trip back to UK/Italy, was getting a little bit tired and... Continue Reading →


Eating in Bologna 博洛尼亞美食之旅

No trip to Italy would be complete without a post on the food. Today I want to share with you some greats eateries from my recent trip to Bologna. 到意大利旅遊,當然少不了美食篇。今天介紹我在博洛尼亞美食之旅。 MARKET 市集 I love markets. No mattter where I go I always visit a local market to get first hand experience of what the locals... Continue Reading →

The University of Hong Kong in UK 在英國的香港大學

My recent three weeks in UK coincided with an annual get together in London that I've been going to for many years. With such perfect timing, I had to grab this opportunity to meet up with old friends. 最近回英國三個星期,剛好有一個一年一度我必會去的聚會,我當然不會放過這個跟老朋友見面的機會。 The event is organized by The Hong Kong University UK Alumni Chapter, who holds their AGM... Continue Reading →

Hand made fresh pasta in Bologna 博洛尼亞手工做意大利麵

I love freshly made pasta, they taste so much better than the dried ones. So when I saw pasta being made in this shop in Bologna and had to stop and watch. 我很喜歡吃新鮮意粉,覺得它比一般商店買的乾意粉好吃得多。最近在博洛尼亞看到一家店在示範現場做,馬上停下來看。 When I arrived, there were already a small group of spectators by the shop window. The girl, in fact I'm going to... Continue Reading →

My accommodation in Bologna 博洛尼亞住宿

During my short trip to Bologna I stayed at private accommodation instead of a hotel. Often I prefer to do that as you get more space compared to a hotel room. Let me show you where I stayed. 最近度博洛尼亞快閃旅遊, 我租住了私人營運的房間, 因為一般來說空間會比旅館的房間大,而且價錢也比較便宜。 我來向大家介紹我租住的地方。 This is the front door to our accommodation. Its like a stylish shop... Continue Reading →

Donor kebab cravings

The other day I suddenly had a craving for a donor kebab. I didn't use to eat them often, but when one returns to UK after gone away for two years, suddenly you want to reconnect with everything at home. Kebabs originate from the middle east and the most common type in UK is donor... Continue Reading →

在圍村吃盤菜 Eating Poon Choi

盆菜源自中國南部,在過去幾十年一直是香港圍村過年及主要喜慶時的餐食。 Poon Choi originated from southern China, and in the past decades has been a common dish in the rural villages of Hong Kong, eaten over the Chinese New Year or when there is a major event or celebration. Strictly speaking it is a meal in itself as poon means a big bowl, and choi... Continue Reading →

A taster of Bologna 博洛尼亞快閃旅遊

This is a taster of my Bologna trip. Was in town for a few days recently but need more time to write a proper post so want to share some of what I have seen so far with everyone. 最近到意大利博洛尼亞快閃旅遊,但沒時間慢慢寫文章,所以先分享一些所見所聞。 To start off, the mandatory window view photo of the swiss alps from our plane... Continue Reading →

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