A traditional English aristocracy garden – Chatsworth House 英式傳統貴族花園 ~ 查茲沃斯莊園

In my last post about Chatsworth House, I took you around the inside of the house and the lavish dining room. Now, let me take you outside to the Garden. 上次文章帶大家參觀查茲沃斯莊園大宅和豪華飯廳,今次我會帶大家參觀她的花園。來,跟我走吧! Chatsworth has a 105 acre large garden, just slightly smaller than the Vatican City which is 110 acres. Apparently they employ 20 full time... Continue Reading →


拜過早年 An early Chinese New Year greeting

A few weeks ago I was practicing writing spring couplets in preparation for Chinese New Year. The spring couplets were rather difficult to write as there are many letters, so I decided to write hui chun instead. 之前幾個星期我在練習寫春聯,但這多我來說真有點困難因要寫很多個字。於是就轉寫字數較少的揮春。 Hui Chun are four letter short phrases and these ones I have written broadly means Greet the... Continue Reading →

From speeding on a snowmobile to a one reindeer sleigh ride 從飆車到坐鹿車

I have never ridden a motorcycle before or even been on the back of one as a passenger. So driving a snowmobile is a big step up from the only other two wheel vehicle (bicycle) that I've been on. 我從來都沒有騎過機車或者坐在機車後坐位。 所以,比起我唯一坐過的二輪交通工具 - 腳搭車,開雪地車實在是一項大挑戰。 Ok, so that photo was just for show, here's one where I'm... Continue Reading →

A walk 路

A walk through the wilderness A walk to the future A walk from cherished memories A walk that belongs to just me and you 漫步在荒野中 走向未來 回憶美好的時光 一條只屬於我和你的路

Dancing in the sky ~ The Northern Lights 空中起舞 ~ 北極光

The recent cold weather has reminded me of a beautiful gift from mother nature - the Aurora Borealis, northern lights. The northern light is like a mysterious beautiful girl, she doesn't always appear when you expect her to, but when she does she graces everyone by performing a beautiful dance. 最近冰冷的天氣,讓我想起大自然送給我們很奇妙的禮物 ~ 北極光。 北極光就像一個很神秘的美女,她行蹤飄忽,可遇不可求。但只要她出現,一定會為我們表演一場迷人的舞蹈。 In... Continue Reading →

春聯 DIY spring couplets

Chinese New Year is less than a month away, and this week I learnt to write spring couplets in my Chinese calligraphy class. 還有不足一個月就到農曆新年,這個星期我上書法課學寫春聯。 Spring couplets are a pair of poetic lines written on red paper, and are normally hung on either side of the front door or somewhere prominent indoors if you have a... Continue Reading →

Trekking through tea fields in the winter (afternoon) 茶園冬遊 (下午)

In my last post about my hike to Zhang Kung Lun mountain on a cold winter morning , I stopped at my lunch spot, the Ginko Forest and promised to tell you what's so special about it. 我在上個帖子談在很冷的一天去樟空崙山遠足 。帖子完結前,剛到午餐地店銀杏森林,但沒時間跟你講這地方有甚麼特別。就現在講講吧。銀杏森林這個名字很有趣,應該是農民取的。 這就是銀杏森林。 In case you're wondering where the forest is, it's those sad looking twigs dotted in... Continue Reading →

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