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Half a year ago I posted about a 5 year Q&A a day journal that I bought.   半年前我寫了一篇文章,有關我買了一本每日一問經典五年日記。 It's been seven months since I started writing the journal and here's my thoughts on the journal so far. 開始了寫日記已有七個月,這裡有些感想。 First of all, I thought I'd be able to use the journal as a diary.  However, I soon found... Continue Reading →


The Hong Kong that you see but don’t see 你見到但沒看到的香港

Anyone who's visited Hong Kong will be dazzled by its amazing night view.  In my opinion this is the best in the world. 任何去過香港旅遊的人都一定會被她迷人的夜景所吸引,我認為這是世界上最美的。 Does the mouth watering food leave you wanting more after every meal in Hong Kong? 你會被令人垂涎的美食吸引,吃過不停嗎? Or do you prefer to ride the "ding ding", the famous tramway that has been... Continue Reading →

懷念港式雲吞 How to make Hong Kong style wonton

在外地住的弊處是有時會很懷念家鄉的食物。 幸好我很喜歡煮東西,所以這個問題也不算太大。今天我煮了我在香港居住時很喜愛吃的雲吞。 The worse thing about living in another country is sometimes you crave for food from back home. Luckily I enjoy cooking as one of my hobbies so most of the time its not too much of a problem. Today I have made wonton, one of my favorite quick meals from when I was... Continue Reading →

Trekking Machu Picchu 秘魯馬丘比丘

Out of all my travels around the world, there are three places that have definitely left a mark on me, Peru is one of them. 我到過世界多個地方旅遊,有三個國家令我留下最深刻印象。兩年前我去的秘魯是其中之一。 I went two years ago, and if you go to Peru, of course you have to go to see the Machu Picchu. It doesn't matter if you do it... Continue Reading →

Gossiping with body language 英語小教室 ~ 公司裡閒聊是非

We all use body language from time to time when we speak, but there's another type of 'body language' in spoken English that non-natives may find quite amusing. 在外資公司工作的你 ,或者如果常常跟外國人打交道,會否經常聽到外國人談話時都有提及身體上各部位,但又不明白他們說什麼? This is where different parts of the body are embedded in the speech, such as Give someone a cold shoulder, Breath down my neck or... Continue Reading →

From biscuits to love

It was my Other Half's birthday My first attempt at baking biscuits Wonky biscuits seems to be my signature What goes wrong can be improvised From biscuits to love Love is shapeless ​ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Rounded

Blogging on Steemit

Three months ago I wrote a post about blogging on another website where I made USD46 within a month.  You can read about that post here as that will give you some background on what I'm talking about. Since then, my account balance has grown to $1637! I thought I'd give an update on how things are... Continue Reading →

The general that was put under house arrest for 33 years 被軟禁33年的將軍

This weekend I visited a local museum in Taichung that is only open every other Sundays ~ Gen Sun Li-jen Memorial Hall. This was the home of a Taiwanese general who was put under house arrest for 33 years. 這個週末我到台中市參觀一家只在每個月隔週日才開放的紀念館 ~ 孫立人將軍紀念館。這是孫立人將軍被軟禁33年的地方。   Sun was born in 1900 in China, and studied at Purdue University... Continue Reading →

My Fitbit watch 智慧型健身手錶

A couple of years ago I got a Fitbit tracker. Apart from my mobile phone, I am not a big fan of gadgets, yet I found this little gadget made quite a big difference to my daily life. 平時除了手機外,我一直都不是電子小玩意的粉絲。但大概兩年前,我第一次擁有智慧型健身手錶。 In my old company, they used to reward employees with points which were given out as... Continue Reading →

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