The Hong Kong that you see but don’t see 你見到但沒看到的香港

Anyone who's visited Hong Kong will be dazzled by its amazing night view.  In my opinion this is the best in the world. 任何去過香港旅遊的人都一定會被她迷人的夜景所吸引,我認為這是世界上最美的。 Does the mouth watering food leave you wanting more after every meal in Hong Kong? 你會被令人垂涎的美食吸引,吃過不停嗎? Or do you prefer to ride the "ding ding", the famous tramway that has been... Continue Reading →


Trekking Machu Picchu 秘魯馬丘比丘

Out of all my travels around the world, there are three places that have definitely left a mark on me, Peru is one of them. 我到過世界多個地方旅遊,有三個國家令我留下最深刻印象。兩年前我去的秘魯是其中之一。 I went two years ago, and if you go to Peru, of course you have to go to see the Machu Picchu. It doesn't matter if you do it... Continue Reading →

New Zealand adventures Part 7 (final) Foodie Journey 紐西蘭旅遊篇之七(完結)~ 美食篇

Today I'm going to take you on my foodie journey across New Zealand. I won't be showing you pretty plates of food from restaurants, but rather my joy and experience during the foodie journey. 今天我會帶大家走一趟紐西蘭美食之旅,但我不是要跟你逐一介紹餐廳美味的食物,而是想跟你分享我在尋找美食時的愉快過程。 New Zealand lamb has to be one of its if not the most famous food. So famous that even us... Continue Reading →

🇳🇿⛪New Zealand adventures Part 6 Cathedral Cove 紐西蘭旅遊篇之六 ~ 大教堂拱門⛪🇳🇿

Hello everyone, today we're going to Cathedral Cove, a peninsula on the north east side on New Zealand, and is named after this beautiful arch on the beach. 大家好! 今天我們去 Cathedral Cove, 紐西蘭東北部的一個半島 。因沙灘上有一座美麗的石拱門而得名。 We stayed here for one night at a place called The Church and were the only guests as it was the... Continue Reading →

🍔🍟New Zealand adventures part 5 ~ The world’s coolest McDonalds,hot spring spas and Blue Springs 紐西蘭旅遊篇之五 ~ 全世界最酷的麥當勞,泡溫泉及迷人小藍湖🍔🍟

When I go on holiday, I always try to avoid McDonalds, not because I don't like it, but because the point of going on holiday is to try to experience local life as much as possible. On my recent visit to Lake Taupo, I came across a McDonalds that I had to go to. Actually... Continue Reading →

New Zealand adventures Part 4 ~ hiking at Mount Cook 新西蘭旅遊篇之一 ~ 庫克山遠足

Mount Cook is New Zealand's tallest mountain, is located on the south island and is over 3700m above sea level. When I was flying to Queenstown from Auckland on the last leg of my epic 42 hour journey, I actually flew above Mount Cook. Isn't this view absolutely amazing? 庫克山是紐西蘭最高的山,在紐西蘭南島,有超過3700米高。我之前飛了42小時出發到紐西蘭的時候,最後一程飛機就是飛過庫克山的上空。你看多壯觀? There are 23 peaks in... Continue Reading →

New Zealand adventures Part 3 ~ Hobbiton 新西蘭旅遊篇之三 ~ 霍比屯

  Today we're going to Hobbiton!!!! Actually, I've never watched Games of Thrones The Lord of the Rings nor The Hobbit, but it seems like this is a must go in New Zealand so here we are. 今天我們去奇幻中土世界的霍比屯!!其實我從沒看過權力的遊戲指環王或是霍比特人電影,但來到新西蘭,這好像是必去的,所以沒看過電影也要來趁熱鬧。                 The Hobbiton tour is a guided walking tour that... Continue Reading →

New Zealand adventures Part 2 Queenstown 新西蘭旅遊篇之二 皇后鎮

After visiting the beautiful Milford Sound, today we go back to Queenstown to continue our trip around New Zealand. As we drove by Lake Wakatipu look what we saw coming towards us! Isn’t it just amazing? 離開米爾福德峽灣後,今天我們又回到皇后鎮繼續新西蘭之旅。當我們駕駛到瓦卡蒂普湖時,你看有什麼迎面而來? 很壯觀吧! Once we let our friends pass by, we jumped out of the car to grab some photos... Continue Reading →

New Zealand adventures Part 1 Milford Sounds 新西蘭旅遊篇之一 米爾福德峽灣

This is part 1 of my New Zealand trip, a country that I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. 我一直都很希望到新西蘭走一趟,現在終於來到了。這是我這次遊記的第一篇。 After my 42 hour trip, I landed at Queenstown in the morning just in time for lunch. I read that there was a very popular burger place in Queenstown called Fergburger which opens 21... Continue Reading →

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