The moving columns from Jerash, Jordan 會移動的古建築

Jordanian journey at Jerash, one of the oldest Roman Archaeological sites. Today I'm going to show you some of the other structures, including one that moves. 上次開始約旦之旅到傑拉什,今次繼續行程會分享遺址其他建築物,包括一座會移動的。 The South Theatre was built around 90 - 92 AD and sits 3000 people. That may sound like a lot of people for such a small space, but... Continue Reading →


Jordan Ruins Jerash 約旦遺址傑拉什

Jordan is one of my three most memorable holidays (the others being the northern lights in Finland and the Machu Picchu in Peru). I'm going to start my first post on my Jordanian journey with a day out to the Roman ruins at Jerash. 約旦是我三個最難忘旅程之一(另外兩個是在芬蘭看北極光和秘魯的馬丘比丘)。 約旦之旅的第一篇,我從羅馬古城傑拉什開始。 Jerash is about 48km north of Jordan's capital Amman,... Continue Reading →

Staircases in Vietnam 越南的樓梯

On my recent trip to Saigon I discovered many elegant staircases in Vietnam. Maybe because Vietnam used to be a French colony, maybe the Vietnamese are much better at preserving their architecture, or maybe they just like their staircases - a place which can take you up, or down, depending on which way you're heading.... Continue Reading →

Cruising along the Mekong River 湄公河上暢遊

A tour down the Mekong River seems like a must if you're visiting Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. Although I wasn't too keen on it, my only other option for a day trip was the Cu Chi Tunnels and I didn't fancy crawling around the tunnels in the heat. 到越南胡志明市旅遊,似乎湄公河及古芝地道都是必遊的。 大熱天時我沒什麼興趣在地道裡趴走,所以選擇到湄公河遊覽。 The travel agent... Continue Reading →

First night in Ho Chi Minh 胡志明市的第一夜

Living in Taiwan for two years have prepared me well for the traffic in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. Glad to report I have survived my first evening in this busy city. 幸好在台灣住了兩年,已習慣繁忙的機車交通。今天來到越南胡志明市,也不會對這裡的交通太過驚訝。 After checking into my accomodation, I was told to take a left turn outside the building, cross the river and walk... Continue Reading →

An accident in Pisaq and walking in the dark 秘魯 Pisaq 的驚歷

Pisaq is a small village in the Sacred Valley, about 30km away from Cusco in Peru. Above the village high up in the mountain at over 3000m is the Pisaq Inca ruins, said to be the second most sacred site after Machu Picchu. Pisaq是秘魯Sacred山谷的一條小村莊,離開科庫斯科約30公里。 在小村莊附近,海拔3000米高的Pisaq,據說是繼馬丘比丘後第二座最神聖的遺址。 I heard Pisaq has a famous Sunday market so I... Continue Reading →

Christchurch on the mend 基督城仍在康復中

Christchurch was the last stop on the south island during my New Zealand trip last year and was totally different from the natural beauty I had seen in New Zealand so far . 基督城是紐西蘭之旅在南島的最後一站。那裏跟之前我在南島其他地方見到的景色完全不一樣。 I knew that Christchuch was still recovering from an earthquake but I didn't know exactly what and when it happened. After... Continue Reading →

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