Lavender 薰衣草

When people think of lavender fields, they usually think of Provence in France. In England, there are also quite a few beautiful lavender fields, in particular there is one nearby in Surrey where I used to live. 當提到薰衣草時,一般人通常會想到法國的普羅旺斯。其實在英國,也有不少漂亮的薰衣草田園,在我以前家附近也有喔! In the late 1990’s, a gentleman working in the fragrance department of a large corporation in UK... Continue Reading →

Moving houses 搬家

People in England used to say  moving house is one of the most stressful events in life after the death of a spouse, and divorce.  以前英國人都說搬家會有有很大壓力,只有配偶往生,或離婚才會引致更大的壓力。 That must have been the days when people still had job security, this was still a peaceful world, and there were no mobile phones for us to lose. However,... Continue Reading →

Cracks 裂痕

In my recent post about Bristol, I mentioned Banksy and his work. Last weekend he painted a new mural at Dover in England. 最近我在布里斯托文章裡提過Banksy及他的作品。上週末在英國多佛港剛出現一張他的新壁畫。 The mural is a massive EU flag with its 12 stars, and a worker busy chiselling away one of the stars. If you look closely, you can see cracks across the flag... Continue Reading →


I want to introduce you to Bristol, a city in the south west of England, and about 30km away from my hometown. If you ever go to UK and want to visit another city outside of London, here are the six reasons as to why you should visit Bristol. 我想介紹在英國西南部,距離我家鄉約30公里的布里斯托市。若你到訪英國又想去倫敦以外的其他城市看看,布里斯托市絕對值得一遊,因為有以下六大理由。 1/  Bristol was  voted by... Continue Reading →

小藍花兒 Bluebells 

在英國時我最喜愛四月份。黃色水仙花燦爛地盛開,初生小綿羊在田裡依偎著羊媽媽,商店內色彩繽紛的巧克力復活蛋,都在告訴我們春天巳來臨。April is my favourite month of the year in UK. Daffodils bloom everywhere, ewes tender her new born lambs in the field, and the colouful easter eggs in the shops, all shouting out spring is here. 每年四月份我最期待去行山找 bluebell。這些籃色的小花密密地長滿在樹林裡,仿佛是大自然的籃色地毯,等待行山人仕去發現它。April is when I normally go on my bluebell walk, a walk that I look forward to every... Continue Reading →

First Time第一次

For someone who doesn’t do a lot of exercise, I consider walking nearly 50km over a weekend a big achievement! And to do so along a stunning route on a brilliant summer day in UK makes it even more unforgettable. 對一個沒做運動的人來說,在一個週末裡行了差不多50公里路,我覺得自己實在很了不起!尤其在英國燦爛的夏天,沿路還有如詩如畫的美境,特別令人難忘。

七姊妹巖Seven Sisters

如果你沒有駕車,但又想沿著海岸線欣賞英國的美麗景色,我會推薦英國南部伊斯特本的七姊妹巖。 If you don't have a car but want to go on a breath taking coastal walk in England, I highly recommend Seven Sisters, an undulating walk from Eastbourne south of England. 從倫敦維多利亞車站搭火車到伊斯特本需要大約一個半小時。抵達伊斯特本後,你有兩個選擇。你可以從火車站步行到 South Downs Way ,這在比奇角崖的腳下。這段路程需要大約40分鐘。你也可以先從火車站乘搭12號公車到七姊妹國家公園,然後從那邊步行這段12公里的路程回到火車站。公車車程需時約20分鐘。而這次我的旅程是從火車站出發,因為那個週末我總共走了48公里,一直去到布萊頓。 The train journey from London Victoria Station to Eastbourne takes about an hour and half, and once you... Continue Reading →

UK road trip summary 英倫環島遊總結

一年前,我最後一次回望我在英國住了九年的家,然後慢慢把大門關上。明天它將會是別人的家。在未來三個多星期的英倫環島遊,然後到臺灣安定下來之前,我只是帶著幾個行李箱,暫時變成無家可歸。 A year ago, I took one last look around the flat, my home in UK for the last 9 years。 I quietly shut the front door behind me, tomorrow the flat will be someone else’s home。 Now I was homeless, at least temporarily, living out of a few suitcases whilst I go on my... Continue Reading →

The Wall 一道牆

In AD122 a Roman emperor arrived to England and ordered a wall to be built to keep out the barbarians。 Sounds familiar? 😊 The emperor was Hadrian and the wall is called the Hadrian’s Wall, the most famous frontier of the Roman empire in Britain today。 This is where we stayed after we left Edinburgh。... Continue Reading →

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