The University of Hong Kong in UK 在英國的香港大學

My recent three weeks in UK coincided with an annual get together in London that I've been going to for many years. With such perfect timing, I had to grab this opportunity to meet up with old friends. 最近回英國三個星期,剛好有一個一年一度我必會去的聚會,我當然不會放過這個跟老朋友見面的機會。 The event is organized by The Hong Kong University UK Alumni Chapter, who holds their AGM... Continue Reading →


Donor kebab cravings

The other day I suddenly had a craving for a donor kebab. I didn't use to eat them often, but when one returns to UK after gone away for two years, suddenly you want to reconnect with everything at home. Kebabs originate from the middle east and the most common type in UK is donor... Continue Reading →

British roast dinner 英式烤肉大餐

Family gatherings at home in UK always involves lots of people and lots of food. Recently when I went home to UK was another one of these gathering which involved 12 people, 3.5kg of beef rib and 5kg of lamb shoulder. I love a good roast, and if you're a Brit, who doesn't? 我的家庭聚餐通常都包含很多人和食物。像最近回老家英國時的英式烤肉晚餐就有 12人,3.5公斤牛骨排和5公斤羊肩。... Continue Reading →

🇬🇧 A traditional English Afternoon Tea 傳統的英式下午茶 🇬🇧

In my previous posts, I promised to take you to afternoon tea at The Manor House Hotel. 之前的帖子說過要帶大家去享受一頓傳統的英式下午茶。現在就出發到吧! Let's take a little walk around the grounds first. From the entrance, we walk down the driveway alongside the river. The hotel is on the other side. I think in the summer this should be a very... Continue Reading →

A stroll around a traditional English village 英式傳統小村莊散步 Castle Combe

Continuing with my visit to the picturesque village of Castle Combe, today I will take you on short stroll through this charming village. If you missed my previous post, you can read it here. 繼續我在 Castle Combe 一日遊。今天會在村莊裡散步。如果你錯過了我之前的帖子,可以在這裡閱讀。 Lets start our stroll at the Castle Inn, next to the market cross. There are three pubs... Continue Reading →

A traditional English village 英式傳統小村莊 Castle Combe

Castle Combe is a quintessential English village in the west of England, about 165 km away from London and 20 km away from Bath, the famous Roman bath town. Castle Combe 是英國西部的美麗小村莊,離倫敦165公里。英國著名古羅馬溫泉鎮巴斯也只是20公里遠。This is a little hidden gem, not known by many until it became the filming location for Stephen Spielberg's 2011 movie War Horse. Although... Continue Reading →

A traditional English aristocracy garden – Chatsworth House 英式傳統貴族花園 ~ 查茲沃斯莊園

In my last post about Chatsworth House, I took you around the inside of the house and the lavish dining room. Now, let me take you outside to the Garden. 上次文章帶大家參觀查茲沃斯莊園大宅和豪華飯廳,今次我會帶大家參觀她的花園。來,跟我走吧! Chatsworth has a 105 acre large garden, just slightly smaller than the Vatican City which is 110 acres. Apparently they employ 20 full time... Continue Reading →

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