The Moon Represents My Heart 有華人的地方就一定有的歌聲

It is said, in this world wherever there are Chinese, you can hear the songs from Teresa Teng. This is very true. 在世界各地,有華人的地方就有鄧麗君的歌聲。這句話絕對沒有錯。 Teresa Teng was born in Taiwan in 1953. The 70s and 80s was the pinnacle of her career。She was extremely popular in the whole of Asia, including not only in Taiwan, but... Continue Reading →


A tour of London skycrapers 走訪倫敦摩天大樓

London isn't most famous for its skyline and skycrapers, but in recent years there has been an abundance of new building that have been built. UK doesn't vie with other countries to build the tallest buildings, but we do have some very special ones which I want to share with you. 倫敦的天際線和摩天大樓並不是世界最著名的,但近年來它也建了不少新建築。英國不像其他國家要建造一棟比一棟更高更大的大樓,但是我們有一些非常特殊的建築,今天想和你分享。 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕊𝕙𝕒𝕣𝕕 Our... Continue Reading →

Christmas snowflake 聖誕雪花

Hi everyone! Christmas is coming soon, let's start the festive season by making some snowflakes! 大家好! 聖誕節快到啦,今天教大家做一個應節的手工勞作。 They are very simple to make, great for having some fun with the kids. Here's what you need. 做法很簡單,家裡有小孩子可以來個親子活動。首先要預備這些工具。 You also need six pieces of square paper, I've used 15 x 15cm. I think plain white paper actually... Continue Reading →

Hiking at Devil’s Punch Bowl 在魔鬼大碗盤遠足

I just realised I haven't written a post about England for a long time, and just so happen this weekend Facebook reminded me of a walk I did 5 years ago. 發覺很久已沒寫過有關英國的文章,而這個週末臉書剛提醒我五年前我去的一個遠足。 The walk was at Devil's Punch Bowl at Surrey, South England, and has two very interesting features. First is its name. During my... Continue Reading →

Gossiping with body language 英語小教室 ~ 公司裡閒聊是非

We all use body language from time to time when we speak, but there's another type of 'body language' in spoken English that non-natives may find quite amusing. 在外資公司工作的你 ,或者如果常常跟外國人打交道,會否經常聽到外國人談話時都有提及身體上各部位,但又不明白他們說什麼? This is where different parts of the body are embedded in the speech, such as Give someone a cold shoulder, Breath down my neck or... Continue Reading →

My Fitbit watch 智慧型健身手錶

A couple of years ago I got a Fitbit tracker. Apart from my mobile phone, I am not a big fan of gadgets, yet I found this little gadget made quite a big difference to my daily life. 平時除了手機外,我一直都不是電子小玩意的粉絲。但大概兩年前,我第一次擁有智慧型健身手錶。 In my old company, they used to reward employees with points which were given out as... Continue Reading →

英語小教室 ~ 如何正確唸英國地方名字  How to pronounce English place names like a local

學英文說難不難,說易不易(其實這句話真有點廢😕)。 For non native English speakers, speaking English isn't always as simple as it seems.  學懂拼音就很容易,難就難在同一個字母或一串字母,在不同的字裡發音可能不一樣。例如 wait 跟 fair 兩個生字都有 ai,但發音就不一樣。反而 wait 跟 weight 串法不同,但發音卻一樣。 You would think that if you learn the phonetic alphabet, it should be quite easy. That's true to a certain extent, until you come across words that are spelt similarly... Continue Reading →

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