祝大家有個愉快的週末!   Have a great weekend!

以前在英國時,房子旁有一個陽台屬於公眾地分。其他住戶很少去,所以它好像變成我們的私家戶外陽台。 We used to live in a block of flats in London which had a terrace next to our flat.  It's part of the communual area but nobody uses it so it became like our own private area. 我們經常在天氣好時,搬出桌子及野餐椅子,調一杯雞美酒 (家裡沒酒杯,米奇老鼠應該不會介意吧!),慢慢享受一個悠閒的下午。 Every now and then on a nice summer day we would bring out a table... Continue Reading →


Yoga etiquette 瑜珈禮義

I have been going to yoga classes regularly since last year, and they are a great way to calm my mind and body for an hour three times a week. 從去年開始,我每星期都會去上三次瑜珈課,好讓自己在那一小時內洗滌身心。 Sometimes my classes are ruined because of bad yoga etiquette, and here are some of my pet hates. 可惜有些時候會被同學沒禮貌的行為影響到,這裡有幾個例子。 1.  Coming into class late,... Continue Reading →

My protest at work over a movie 為看電影在公司的抗爭

I like watching movies, but the cheapskate in me isn't always willing to spend money on the tickets.  When I was still in England, I found a free movie preview scheme which is right up my street. 我蠻喜歡看電影,但又不太捨得花錢購票。在英國,長期有個免費看電影的活動,就最適合我這些無聊的小氣鬼。 I don't know who organises this, but every now and then somebody will post a code on a... Continue Reading →

Big Ben 大笨鍾

Anyone who has been to London would certainly have been to Big Ben, and very likely have heard her famous chime. 去過倫敦的朋友一定去過大笨鐘,更很可能聽過她著名的鐘聲。 Today Big Ben 'donged' for the last time at noon time as it prepares for a major restoration.  The restoration will cost £30m /NTD1.2bn, and will take up to four years. The entire... Continue Reading →

Dreams 夢想

Recently the A level results were released in the UK.  For those who don't know A Levels stands for Advanced Level exams and are public exams taken by students in the UK to enter university.  Often the A level results can make or break one's dreams. 最近英國高考 A level 放榜。這是英國入大學的公開試,成績可能會決定一個人可否達成人生夢想。 What about my own dream?  To... Continue Reading →

Slapped three times 被摑了三巴掌

Recently the BBC in the UK released salary details of all their staff earning over £150k(NTD6m) per year, and this reminded me of a personal experience from some years ago. 最近英國廣播公司公佈年薪超過£150k(NTD6m) 員工的名單, 令我想起在英國工作時的親身經歷。 First, let's take at look at the BBC report. The highest earner Chris Evans is a presenter and radio DJ, and hosted the popular Top... Continue Reading →

步走英倫 Rambling in UK

上次向大家推薦了我個人很喜愛的英倫音樂活動"耳聽英倫"。今天介紹的是完全不同類型"步走英倫",希望你也喜歡。 Last time I recommended some of my favourite music related events, Music in UK. Today I'm going to talk about some totally different, Rambling in UK. Hopefully you will like them as well. 2-1. 很多人喜愛騎腳踏車這有益身心的運動。如果能夠在世界級奧運競技場上騎幾個圈,那不是很棒嗎?座落於倫敦奧林派克公園旁的室內自行車館就可以給你這個難得經驗。自行車館是為2012年倫敦奧運建立的,是世界一級場館。當年英國自行車隊就在這裏贏得九面獎牌,其中有八面還是金牌噢! How does cycling in a world class velodrome sound? If you are an avid cyclist, cycling on the London... Continue Reading →

耳聽英倫 Music in UK

夏季到英國旅行,並已去過所有遊客熱點,那還有甚麼可以做呢? 不如我給大家一些建議吧! If you happen to be in UK in the summer, but have already visited all the popular sightseeing locations, what else can you do? Well, let me see if I can help you out. 我在這裡推薦幾個較特別的節目,全都是我口袋裡的至愛。除了兩項,全部節目都在倫敦,而最後一項更是我最喜愛及極推薦的。今天先跟大家談"耳聽英倫"。下次會談"步走英倫"。 These are all my personal recommendations of things to do in UK. Most of them are in London,... Continue Reading →

Diana 戴安娜

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Many may remember this as a major shocking news when it happened.   For teenagers, you may only know her as the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry, or remember having seen her in one of her many photographs. 今個月是英國戴安娜王妃逝世的20週年。大家有否記得,當年她逝世的消息也算是震驚全世界的大新聞嗎?較年青的朋友,可能只知道他是現今英國威廉王子及哈利王子的媽媽。又或者你只是偶爾在照片中見過這位女士。 With... Continue Reading →

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