Norfolk Broads 口袋英倫秘景

When the weather starts to warm up, England is the best place to go hiking. Today, let me take you to Norfolk in the east of England. It's probably a lesser known part of England not frequented by many overseas visitors but to give you an idea, its only about an hour away from Cambridge,... Continue Reading →


Flashback to uni and oyster feast 重返校園吃牡蠣

I love oysters and near my old university in England is Mersea Island which produces some fine oysters. During my three years at uni I never went to Mersea Island once, because like most students I was poor and didn't have acquired taste back then. 我很喜歡吃牡蠣,以前在英國就讀大學附近的 Mersea Island 以出產牡蠣著名。 在大學的三年裏我從來都沒到過 Mersea Island,因為跟其他大部分學生一樣,我當時沒餘錢更未認識到牡蠣這美食。 Several years ago... Continue Reading →

Lunch at The Ethicurean 的午餐

A couple of days ago I wrote about he Ethicurean Restaurant, promised to share my lunch with you and then take you around the Victorian walled gardens. If you missed my first post you can read it here as it will give you a bit of background on why this restaurant is so special. 前天寫了一篇... Continue Reading →

The Ethicurean 有理念的餐廳

I don't normally write restaurant reviews as I have a limited stock of adjectives to describe the food (not the taste). Apart from yummy, delicious, great, I really can't think of any others. So let's see how I manage with this gem that I want to talk about. 平時我很少寫餐廳的評論文章,總是覺得自己形容食物(不單是味道)的詞彙不夠,來來去去都是那三幾個,很好味,很好食,很美味,沒新意。看看今天表現如何。   I first came to The... Continue Reading →

Art Deco train station 裝飾風藝術設計的車站

This is Surbiton train station, it used to be my local station and takes about 7 to 8 minutes to walk from my old flat in UK. I know that as I can listen to two songs on the way to the station every morning when I used to go to work. 這是瑟比頓火車站,以前英國上班從我家步行到車站需要大概七至八分鐘,剛好可以聽完兩首歌。 Surbiton is... Continue Reading →

🇬🇧 A tour around Kingston Upon Thames 金士頓一日遊 🇬🇧

I used to live near Kingston upon Thames in England which is about 20km south west of London. Kingston, as it is more commonly known, is an ancient saxon town and has records of its existence as far back as 838. 以前我在英國住在倫敦西南部20公里以外,一個名叫泰晤士河畔金士頓附近的地方。 金士頓是一個撒克遜時代的古鎮,自838年已有記載。 My home used to be a 15 minutes walk to Kingston town.... Continue Reading →

The University of Hong Kong in UK 在英國的香港大學

My recent three weeks in UK coincided with an annual get together in London that I've been going to for many years. With such perfect timing, I had to grab this opportunity to meet up with old friends. 最近回英國三個星期,剛好有一個一年一度我必會去的聚會,我當然不會放過這個跟老朋友見面的機會。 The event is organized by The Hong Kong University UK Alumni Chapter, who holds their AGM... Continue Reading →

Donor kebab cravings

The other day I suddenly had a craving for a donor kebab. I didn't use to eat them often, but when one returns to UK after gone away for two years, suddenly you want to reconnect with everything at home. Kebabs originate from the middle east and the most common type in UK is donor... Continue Reading →

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