Another flashback from Facebook.  Last year today I moved into my new home in Taiwan. 今天臉書上彈出回顧去年的提示,原來我是去年今日搬進新居的。 I was telling a Taiwanese friend a while ago about my journey from UK to Taiwan to start a new chapter in my life, and that I arrived on the day of my birthday last year.  He made a... Continue Reading →

Waiting 等

瑜伽課開始前,跟四位同學一起在教室裏等著。等的時候我習慣先做些拉筋的熱身動作。我望望其他四位同學,你猜她們正在做甚麽?Was in the classroom with four other girls waiting for my yoga class to start. I did my usual stretching excercise whilst waiting, and glanced around the room. Guess what the other four girls were doing ? 就連老師步入課室那一刻也禁不著說:“課室裡有五位學生,四位都在玩手機!”Even the yoga teacher couldn’t resist commenting when she walked into the classroom, "Five people in the room... Continue Reading →


前兩個月在臺北書展裡,見到一本每日一問的五年經典日記,覺得很棒。 The other month at Taipei Book Fair I saw this Q&A a Day 5 year Journal which I thought was really awesome. 這本日記會每日問你一條問題,就像是當日一個提示或焦點。簡單的答案,正好反映當日覺得有意思的人和事或心情。它的另外一個獨特之處,是每一日的問題會有五次回答的機會,今天及未來四年的同一天。這樣可以看到隨著時間,我們對同樣事物的看法有沒有改變,或是會怎樣變。 This journal is interesting because it asks you a different question everyday, like a prompt so you can focus on a particular event, person or thought for the day that has... Continue Reading →


Taiwan has a wide range of fresh veg and fruit, including this fella here.  I wonder what's for dinner tonight?     via Daily Prompt: Purple -

嘗試 Try

在臺中每次經過建築工地,圍板外總是種滿一盆盆翠綠植物。雖然他們應該不能消除裡面所製造的汙水泥麈,但最重要是他們有嘗試過。 Whenever I walk past a building site in Taichung the exterior perimeter is always planted with real plants. Although they can't eliminate all the pollution and mess created inside, but the most important thing is they tried. It IS Easy Being Green!

Rubber Ducks 小鴨子

It’s been a terrible week for my old hometown London with the terror attack.  With weekend coming I’d like everyone to start it with with some fun.   I had a family reunion last week with 160 members of my old family, here is a photo of them all. 這個星期老家鄉倫敦十分不幸,遇到恐怖襲襲。週末很快將會來臨,我希望在這裡為大家帶來點歡笑。上星期我終於跟我家裡160位成圓團敘,看看照片大家多熱鬧! I used to have three... Continue Reading →

Taipei 臺北101

  How do you shrink the world 8th tallest building to smaller than a flower?  怎樣可以把世界第八高的大樓縮到比花兒還要小? Easy。 Go up to Maokong a popular tourist spot in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan and take a photo。  The small spike in the center right of the photo just above the green is Taipei 101, Taiwan's tallest building,... Continue Reading →

擔飯擔 Dan Fan Dan

初一在台中過了一個很平靜的新年,十五卻在台南過了一個既有特式又很傳統及非常熱鬧的元宵。Chinese New Year day for me in Taichung was very quiet, yet the end of the Chinese New Year festival which traditionally finishes on the 15th was a very special and eventful day in Tainan. 擔飯擔是台南大坑尾村一個超過百年歷史的傳統節目。從前只有6戶人家到現在整條村105戶人家每年都參與這個節目。這個慶典現在甚至被台南市政府設定為文化資產活動。村民會在家裏煮一大盤古早味的傳統鹹飯及其他餸菜,然後浩浩蕩蕩用竹籃擔到村內的聖母宮前跟大家一起分享。當天午餐我猜有超過一千人到訪,連台南市市長也來頒授證狀給村民,還跟大家一起品嚐這美味的擔飯擔。Dan Fan Dan (擔飯擔) is a tradition over a hundred years old in the village of Dakeng Wei. It started... Continue Reading →

我的問題 My problem

由於聖誕節和旅行,我已差不多兩個月沒有上書法課,但是我一直在家裡很努力練習。儘管如此,我總是覺得沒有什麼進步,寫出來的字還是有點不對。Due to Christmas and holidays, I haven't been to any Chinese calligraphy classes for nearly two months.  Having said that, I have been practising at home.  Despite my efforts, I felt I wasn't making much progress, and the words just didn't look right. 最後我認為我發現了原因,毛筆用了好幾個月,筆尖開始分叉,所以字寫得不好。正所謂工欲善其事,必先利其器。這說話沒有錯啊。於是今天上課我把毛筆給老師看。In the end I think I figured out what the problem was.... Continue Reading →

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