🎓我畢業了! I’ve graduated! 🎓

我畢業了! 將近三個月的中文課終於在上星期五完成。 I've graduated at last! Last Friday I finished a Chinese language course which I've been doing for nearly three months. 這免費課程由台中國立教育大學為新住民主辦。教師是在研究所的碩士學生,所以我們是很合適的練習對象,可以說是雙贏局面。 This is a free course run by the National Taichung University of Education for immigrants. The teachers are studying for their masters so we are the perfect candidates to help them complete... Continue Reading →


Yoga etiquette 瑜珈禮義

I have been going to yoga classes regularly since last year, and they are a great way to calm my mind and body for an hour three times a week. 從去年開始,我每星期都會去上三次瑜珈課,好讓自己在那一小時內洗滌身心。 Sometimes my classes are ruined because of bad yoga etiquette, and here are some of my pet hates. 可惜有些時候會被同學沒禮貌的行為影響到,這裡有幾個例子。 1.  Coming into class late,... Continue Reading →

Hiking Duilishan 在獨立山上吃愛玉

獨立山步道位於阿里山郊野公園,從阿里山鐵路第六個火車站樟腦寮,到第七個火車站獨立山,全長五公里。Duilishan Trail is a trek on Taiwan's famous Alishan Forest, a beautiful 5km trek between Alishan Railway line 6th station Jhangnaoliao, and 7th station Duilishan. 登山那天我跟朋友早上就到樟腦寮火車站,看見站外有一位大嬸在賣手工做的草蜢,但不知是用甚麽做的。朋友用台語跟她聊天,可惜我聽不懂。原來大嬸從清晨就已在擺攤,現在只賣剩三隻草蜢,所以決定回家休息。婆婆臨離開時很好人,免費送我一隻!真好,那我有同伴陪我行山啦。As soon as I walked pass Jhangnaoliao station, I saw an lady selling hand made grasshoppers made from some kind of grass. My friend was chatting to her in the... Continue Reading →

Tent 帳篷

The sky beyond the net looks so blue Suddenly the breeze lifts it to mid air And the heat rushes inside The net flows to and thro above me I am back to my childhood memories Playing inside my tent in the garden 隔著窗紗的天空特別藍 突然一陣大風把它吹起來 猛烈陽光馬上湧入屋裡 窗紗在我頭頂飄揚 彷彿把我帶回兒時 在戶外小帳篷裡玩

921 Earthquake 大地震

On 21st September 1999 a massive earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Ritcher scale hit Central Taiwan killing over 2700 people and injuring over 11,000. It was the second deadliest earthquake recorded in Taiwan. This is known as the 921 Earthquake or Jiji Earthquake, Jiji being the epicentre. 1999年9月21日台灣中部發生一場7.3級大地震,有超過2700人死亡,11000人受傷 。這是台灣有記錄以來錄到第二傷亡最嚴重的地震。這次災害被稱為921大地震或集集大地震,因為震央就在集集鎮。 About a kilometre away from Jiji... Continue Reading →

Rainbow 彩虹

After many days of thunderstorm last week, today the sun has finally come out bringing with it a dash of beautiful rainbow 🌈 經過連續幾天暴雨,今天終於重見陽光,還加上一道繽紛的彩虹 🌈

台灣青年管樂團 Taiwan Youth Band

  昨晚我到台中中山堂欣賞台灣青年管樂團的演出。雖然是一場免費音樂會,但演出一點也不馬虎,以我這個門外漢來說甚至覺得十分有水準。 Last night I went to see the Taiwan Youth Band perform at Taichung. Although it was a free concert, their performance was nothing short of top notch. 演奏歌曲除了台灣及日本民謠,還有現代電影樂曲。其中令我最驚喜的是高山青,一首很久沒有聽過的樂曲。當耳熟能詳的音符響起,我就想起小時候聽這歌時,總是覺得它有點土,但現在在這寶島生活,聽起來又有另一種截然不同的感覺。 The programme consist not only of local Taiwan and Japanese folksongs, but also soundtracks from popular movies. I was pleasantly surprised by a Taiwan folksong called... Continue Reading →

在台灣買進口貨品不便宜,唯有啤酒例外。很多時甚至比英國還便宜。In Taiwan, imported goods are very expensive though for unknown reason beer seems to be the exception.  In fact, often they can be even cheaper than UK. 就像這些在超市的比利時進口啤酒,比英國足足便宜差不多40%! 夏天已到,正是掃貨好時機。乾杯!  I found these Belgium beer in my local supermarket which were about 40% cheaper than UK! Time to stock up for the summer. Cheers! Daily Prompt... Continue Reading →

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