A time capsule cafe

The other week I went to an artist Cafe in Taiwan, this week I visited another one that has a photography theme. It's called Shi Guang Cafe, which translates to Time Cafe. The cafe is located in an old house and it's a bit like going back to a time capsule here. In my video... Continue Reading →


An arty cafe 畫家咖啡店

I often pass by a rather arty cafe nearby where I live in Taiwan and have always wanted to try it out. The other week I had no food at home so figured it was the perfect opportunity to go there for brunch. You can check out my video below for a tour of the... Continue Reading →

台灣機車 Taiwan Scooters

Scooters are an integral part of life in Taiwan, they are convenient and economical to run compared to a motor car. Many of my Taiwanese friends, some who drive really nice cars, all have at least one scooter at home. In 2016 there were 21.4m registered vehicles in Taiwan of which 13.6m were motorcycles, that's a... Continue Reading →

A surprise in the city 鬧市中的特色

A friend told me about a really interesting area bang in the middle of Taichung City in Taiwan the other day, and recommended me to go and take a look around. 前兩天朋友告訴我台中鬧市內一個很有特色的地方,建議我去看看。 I found these beautiful tiles 我見到這些很美的瓷磚 Which are in fact floor tiles 原來是地磚 Which are part of a derelict house 在一家破宅裡面 Which still... Continue Reading →

拜過早年 An early Chinese New Year greeting

A few weeks ago I was practicing writing spring couplets in preparation for Chinese New Year. The spring couplets were rather difficult to write as there are many letters, so I decided to write hui chun instead. 之前幾個星期我在練習寫春聯,但這多我來說真有點困難因要寫很多個字。於是就轉寫字數較少的揮春。 Hui Chun are four letter short phrases and these ones I have written broadly means Greet the... Continue Reading →

春聯 DIY spring couplets

Chinese New Year is less than a month away, and this week I learnt to write spring couplets in my Chinese calligraphy class. 還有不足一個月就到農曆新年,這個星期我上書法課學寫春聯。 Spring couplets are a pair of poetic lines written on red paper, and are normally hung on either side of the front door or somewhere prominent indoors if you have a... Continue Reading →

Trekking through tea fields in the winter (afternoon) 茶園冬遊 (下午)

In my last post about my hike to Zhang Kung Lun mountain on a cold winter morning , I stopped at my lunch spot, the Ginko Forest and promised to tell you what's so special about it. 我在上個帖子談在很冷的一天去樟空崙山遠足 。帖子完結前,剛到午餐地店銀杏森林,但沒時間跟你講這地方有甚麼特別。就現在講講吧。銀杏森林這個名字很有趣,應該是農民取的。 這就是銀杏森林。 In case you're wondering where the forest is, it's those sad looking twigs dotted in... Continue Reading →

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