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Half a year ago I posted about a 5 year Q&A a day journal that I bought.   半年前我寫了一篇文章,有關我買了一本每日一問經典五年日記。 It's been seven months since I started writing the journal and here's my thoughts on the journal so far. 開始了寫日記已有七個月,這裡有些感想。 First of all, I thought I'd be able to use the journal as a diary.  However, I soon found... Continue Reading →


懷念港式雲吞 How to make Hong Kong style wonton

在外地住的弊處是有時會很懷念家鄉的食物。 幸好我很喜歡煮東西,所以這個問題也不算太大。今天我煮了我在香港居住時很喜愛吃的雲吞。 The worse thing about living in another country is sometimes you crave for food from back home. Luckily I enjoy cooking as one of my hobbies so most of the time its not too much of a problem. Today I have made wonton, one of my favorite quick meals from when I was... Continue Reading →

The general that was put under house arrest for 33 years 被軟禁33年的將軍

This weekend I visited a local museum in Taichung that is only open every other Sundays ~ Gen Sun Li-jen Memorial Hall. This was the home of a Taiwanese general who was put under house arrest for 33 years. 這個週末我到台中市參觀一家只在每個月隔週日才開放的紀念館 ~ 孫立人將軍紀念館。這是孫立人將軍被軟禁33年的地方。   Sun was born in 1900 in China, and studied at Purdue University... Continue Reading →

🎼🎶 台中爵士音樂節 Taichung Jazz Festival 🎼🎷

The Taichung Jazz Festival is one of the major festivals in Taichung each year, and is a must go for many locals, especially the expat community living here. This year it started last Saturday and will continue for 9 days till next Sunday. 台中爵士音樂節是台中市每年的主打音樂項目。很多本地居民,尤其是外國人士都一定會到場享受音樂。今年的爵士音樂節在上個星期六開始。 I went with my friends to the opening concert on Saturday... Continue Reading →

My other half’s Raspberry Pi 另一半的樹莓派

Recently I saw a fellow blogger blog about his new Raspberry Pi, and that reminded me of my other half's new toy a while ago. 前幾天看到其他博客的朋友發帖子有關他的樹莓派,讓我想起不久前我的另一半買的新玩具。 To say its his new toy may be a bit or understatement as you can see it's actually a toy set. He said he wanted to build a Tiny Little... Continue Reading →

Taiwan through the eyes of a BBC (British Born Chinese) 眼中的台灣

Having been in Taiwan for over a year now, I think I've pretty much got used to life here. Looking back to when I first arrived, there were some things that I found quite amusing在台灣已生活了超過一年,基本上已適應這裡的生活。現在回想剛到埗時,有些事情真令我有點啼笑皆非。 Toast 吐司 One morning, we didn't have any food in the house so my other half said he'll get something... Continue Reading →

🎓我畢業了! I’ve graduated! 🎓

我畢業了! 將近三個月的中文課終於在上星期五完成。 I've graduated at last! Last Friday I finished a Chinese language course which I've been doing for nearly three months. 這免費課程由台中國立教育大學為新住民主辦。教師是在研究所的碩士學生,所以我們是很合適的練習對象,可以說是雙贏局面。 This is a free course run by the National Taichung University of Education for immigrants. The teachers are studying for their masters so we are the perfect candidates to help them complete... Continue Reading →

Yoga etiquette 瑜珈禮義

I have been going to yoga classes regularly since last year, and they are a great way to calm my mind and body for an hour three times a week. 從去年開始,我每星期都會去上三次瑜珈課,好讓自己在那一小時內洗滌身心。 Sometimes my classes are ruined because of bad yoga etiquette, and here are some of my pet hates. 可惜有些時候會被同學沒禮貌的行為影響到,這裡有幾個例子。 1.  Coming into class late,... Continue Reading →

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