英語小教室 ~ 如何正確唸英國地方名字  How to pronounce English place names like a local

學英文說難不難,說易不易(其實這句話真有點廢😕)。 For non native English speakers, speaking English isn't always as simple as it seems.  學懂拼音就很容易,難就難在同一個字母或一串字母,在不同的字裡發音可能不一樣。例如 wait 跟 fair 兩個生字都有 ai,但發音就不一樣。反而 wait 跟 weight 串法不同,但發音卻一樣。 You would think that if you learn the phonetic alphabet, it should be quite easy. That's true to a certain extent, until you come across words that are spelt similarly... Continue Reading →


My Chinese wedding dress Qun Gua 我結婚的龍鳳裙褂

For the Chinese, the traditional colour for wedding is red. This signifies prosperity, good luck and happiness. Today I want to introduce you to the traditional Chinese wedding dress. It is called the Qun Gua or sometimes simply the gua. 在中國婚禮上,傳統顏色是紅色。這代表吉祥,也讓人想起歡欣,富貴與榮華。 今天我向大家介紹中國傳統的婚嫁服飾,也是紅色的,是龍鳳裙褂,簡單一點可以叫褂。   裙褂歷史The history The gua originates from the Manchus, an ethnic minority in... Continue Reading →

🎼🎶 台中爵士音樂節 Taichung Jazz Festival 🎼🎷

The Taichung Jazz Festival is one of the major festivals in Taichung each year, and is a must go for many locals, especially the expat community living here. This year it started last Saturday and will continue for 9 days till next Sunday. 台中爵士音樂節是台中市每年的主打音樂項目。很多本地居民,尤其是外國人士都一定會到場享受音樂。今年的爵士音樂節在上個星期六開始。 I went with my friends to the opening concert on Saturday... Continue Reading →

My other half’s Raspberry Pi 另一半的樹莓派

Recently I saw a fellow blogger blog about his new Raspberry Pi, and that reminded me of my other half's new toy a while ago. 前幾天看到其他博客的朋友發帖子有關他的樹莓派,讓我想起不久前我的另一半買的新玩具。 To say its his new toy may be a bit or understatement as you can see it's actually a toy set. He said he wanted to build a Tiny Little... Continue Reading →

Basildon Park 巴斯爾登莊園

In England there are many beautiful grand houses dating back to a few hundred years ago that are open to the public. Visiting them, takes you back to yesteryears granduer, and you can try to imagine how the aristocrats lived in those days. Today I am going to take you to Basildon Park. 在英國有非常多漂亮宏偉老宅,當中很多還會開放給公眾參觀。 這些老宅一般都有好幾百年歷史,置身其中就像走進時光隧道,可以感受一下以前貴族的生活。今天我會帶大家去參加觀巴斯爾登莊園。... Continue Reading →

Taiwan through the eyes of a BBC (British Born Chinese) 眼中的台灣

Having been in Taiwan for over a year now, I think I've pretty much got used to life here. Looking back to when I first arrived, there were some things that I found quite amusing在台灣已生活了超過一年,基本上已適應這裡的生活。現在回想剛到埗時,有些事情真令我有點啼笑皆非。 Toast 吐司 One morning, we didn't have any food in the house so my other half said he'll get something... Continue Reading →

New Zealand adventures Part 7 (final) Foodie Journey 紐西蘭旅遊篇之七(完結)~ 美食篇

Today I'm going to take you on my foodie journey across New Zealand. I won't be showing you pretty plates of food from restaurants, but rather my joy and experience during the foodie journey. 今天我會帶大家走一趟紐西蘭美食之旅,但我不是要跟你逐一介紹餐廳美味的食物,而是想跟你分享我在尋找美食時的愉快過程。 New Zealand lamb has to be one of its if not the most famous food. So famous that even us... Continue Reading →

🎓我畢業了! I’ve graduated! 🎓

我畢業了! 將近三個月的中文課終於在上星期五完成。 I've graduated at last! Last Friday I finished a Chinese language course which I've been doing for nearly three months. 這免費課程由台中國立教育大學為新住民主辦。教師是在研究所的碩士學生,所以我們是很合適的練習對象,可以說是雙贏局面。 This is a free course run by the National Taichung University of Education for immigrants. The teachers are studying for their masters so we are the perfect candidates to help them complete... Continue Reading →

祝大家有個愉快的週末!   Have a great weekend!

以前在英國時,房子旁有一個陽台屬於公眾地分。其他住戶很少去,所以它好像變成我們的私家戶外陽台。 We used to live in a block of flats in London which had a terrace next to our flat.  It's part of the communual area but nobody uses it so it became like our own private area. 我們經常在天氣好時,搬出桌子及野餐椅子,調一杯雞美酒 (家裡沒酒杯,米奇老鼠應該不會介意吧!),慢慢享受一個悠閒的下午。 Every now and then on a nice summer day we would bring out a table... Continue Reading →

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