Moving 搬家

Sat here for twenty one months Having breakfast every morning Never noticed you smiling at me A cold yet welcoming smile Hello and Good Morning Today is our last rendezvous I shall miss you, Door I shall miss you, Scenery Houses, garden, lanes and all I shall miss nature's colour palette Orange, purple, blue, sometimes... Continue Reading →


What happens when you can't find the rest of the Christmas decorations from last year.

Christmas snowflake 聖誕雪花

Hi everyone! Christmas is coming soon, let's start the festive season by making some snowflakes! 大家好! 聖誕節快到啦,今天教大家做一個應節的手工勞作。 They are very simple to make, great for having some fun with the kids. Here's what you need. 做法很簡單,家裡有小孩子可以來個親子活動。首先要預備這些工具。 You also need six pieces of square paper, I've used 15 x 15cm. I think plain white paper actually... Continue Reading →

Trekking Machu Picchu – we arrived at last!! 終於到達秘魯馬丘比丘!!

Last time on my Machu Picchu trip post, I was half way through my trek. This time I'm going to finish the rest of my trek but first of all I want to talk a bit about booking my trip. 上次馬丘比丘的文章講到一半,這次會繼續完成我的行程。但首先,想跟大家介紹一下我預備這個行程的資訊。 In my opinion, there is only one-way to go to Macchu Picchu, and that's... Continue Reading →

Seafood feast 來個海鮮大餐

我非常喜歡吃海鮮,所以上個禮拜朋友提提議來個海鮮大餐,我馬上叫好。我們到台中市附近的梧棲漁港買海鮮。 I love seafood and last week when my friend suggested a seafood feast, of course I said yes!! We went to Wuchi seafood market just outside of Taichung City in Taiwan. 從梧棲魚市場的大門口進入,有兩條巷道每側有大概十個攤檔,整個魚市場應該有 40-50個攤檔吧。我之前週末去過梧棲,非常熱鬧,但當天是禮拜三,比較少人。 There are two long aisles inside the market each with around 10 stalls on each side so about 40 - 50... Continue Reading →

Hiking at Devil’s Punch Bowl 在魔鬼大碗盤遠足

I just realised I haven't written a post about England for a long time, and just so happen this weekend Facebook reminded me of a walk I did 5 years ago. 發覺很久已沒寫過有關英國的文章,而這個週末臉書剛提醒我五年前我去的一個遠足。 The walk was at Devil's Punch Bowl at Surrey, South England, and has two very interesting features. First is its name. During my... Continue Reading →

Journal 日記 (2)

Half a year ago I posted about a 5 year Q&A a day journal that I bought.   半年前我寫了一篇文章,有關我買了一本每日一問經典五年日記。 It's been seven months since I started writing the journal and here's my thoughts on the journal so far. 開始了寫日記已有七個月,這裡有些感想。 First of all, I thought I'd be able to use the journal as a diary.  However, I soon found... Continue Reading →

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