Big Ben 大笨鍾

Anyone who has been to London would certainly have been to Big Ben, and very likely have heard her famous chime. 去過倫敦的朋友一定去過大笨鐘,更很可能聽過她著名的鐘聲。 Today Big Ben 'donged' for the last time at noon time as it prepares for a major restoration.  The restoration will cost £30m /NTD1.2bn, and will take up to four years. The entire... Continue Reading →


Dreams 夢想

Recently the A level results were released in the UK.  For those who don't know A Levels stands for Advanced Level exams and are public exams taken by students in the UK to enter university.  Often the A level results can make or break one's dreams. 最近英國高考 A level 放榜。這是英國入大學的公開試,成績可能會決定一個人可否達成人生夢想。 What about my own dream?  To... Continue Reading →

New Zealands adventures Part 3 ~ Hobbiton 新西蘭旅遊篇之三 ~ 霍比屯

  Today we're going to Hobbiton!!!! Actually, I've never watched Games of Thrones The Lord of the Rings nor The Hobbit, but it seems like this is a must go in New Zealand so here we are. 今天我們去奇幻中土世界的霍比屯!!其實我從沒看過權力的遊戲指環王或是霍比特人電影,但來到新西蘭,這好像是必去的,所以沒看過電影也要來趁熱鬧。                 The Hobbiton tour is a guided walking tour that... Continue Reading →

New Zealand adventures Part 2 Queenstown 新西蘭旅遊篇之二 皇后鎮

After visiting the beautiful Milford Sound, today we go back to Queenstown to continue our trip around New Zealand. As we drove by Lake Wakatipu look what we saw coming towards us! Isn’t it just amazing? 離開米爾福德峽灣後,今天我們又回到皇后鎮繼續新西蘭之旅。當我們駕駛到瓦卡蒂普湖時,你看有什麼迎面而來? 很壯觀吧! Once we let our friends pass by, we jumped out of the car to grab some photos... Continue Reading →

New Zealand adventures Part 1 Milford Sounds 新西蘭旅遊篇之一 米爾福德峽灣

This is part 1 of my New Zealand trip, a country that I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. 我一直都很希望到新西蘭走一趟,現在終於來到了。這是我這次遊記的第一篇。 After my 42 hour trip, I landed at Queenstown in the morning just in time for lunch. I read that there was a very popular burger place in Queenstown called Fergburger which opens 21... Continue Reading →

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