The most photographed church in NZ新西蘭最多人拍攝的教堂

Taken from my holiday in New Zealand, The Church of the Good Sheperd is located at Lake Tekepo on the south island. Lake Tekepo is famous for many things, one being its turquoise blue colour, and another the Church of Good Sheperd next to it. The Church is probably the most photographed in New Zealand, set against the stunning blue sunset backdrop makes it ever so more enchanting.

這是最近在新西蘭南島旅行拍的。特卡波湖在新西蘭很著名,特別是它寶藍色的湖水面,及旁邊的The Church of Good Shepherd。這座教堂可能是新西蘭最多人拍攝的教堂,在黃昏晚霞襯托下,份外迷人。

church of good shepard.jpg


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  1. Very interesting post. Although I live in Finland, I do not know which church is most photographed here. We have many beautiful church and they differ from those found abroad. Our most beautiful churches are on countryside. They are wooden churches and their bell towers are separated from the church itself. I love this old church:

    Old church at Petäjävesi.

    This church is different. It offers for a visitor huge amount of pictures on walls, Votive ship and one of our poor-man statue.

    Church of Haukipudas.

    Can You imagine that in Finland we have world’s biggest wooden church?

    World’s biggest wooden church.

    Have a good day!


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