Bridge ~ Me

I don’t mean me personally but my blog, hence my blog name LivingUKTaiwan.

Taiwan has no official relationship with UK or US, or in fact most of the world, and its diplomatic relation keeps on dwindling. After Panama severed ties with it in June this year, Taiwan is now recognised by only 19 UN member states plus the Holy See. On top of this difficult situation, Taiwan is often overlooked even as a place. It’s not as big and powerful as China (the source of its problems), it doesn’t have the vibrancy of Hong Kong and Singapore,  nor that many beautiful islands (700+) like Philippines. Its technological advancement tend to lag behind Korea, and Japan’s anime, J-pop culture is much more well known worldwide.  When I told some friends in UK I was moving to Taiwan, their comment was, “Oh!  Lucky you going to live in Thailand!” 😫

One of the reasons for writing this blog is to challenge myself to do something different in my post early retirement life. But the main reason for choosing to talk about UK and Taiwan, is because I want to use this blog as a bridge to connect Taiwan to the rest of the world.

Taiwan is a beautiful country, a country overlooked by many and it has much to offer that people are unaware of. The trailer below from “Beyond Beauty, Taiwan from Above” made by a remarkable Taiwanese director called Chi Po-Lin who tragically lost his life in a helicopter accident last month while filming the next part of this film, speaks for itself. I hope to see you in Taiwan soon.


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