Snowdonia 斯諾登山

In 2013, I went to visit a friend in Wales and we went to the Snowdonia National Park. Unfortunately we left home too late that day and didn’t have enough time to climb all the way up to the Snowdonia.
在2013年,我到威爾斯探訪朋友,他帶我到斯諾登國家公園遊覽。可惜那天我們太遲出發,只夠時間走一部分路程,未能 登上斯諾登山。snowdon4

In 2013,  my friend’s dog Blodwyn came with us.  Blodwyn means white flower in Welsh. 在2013年我們帶同朋友的狗狗 Blodwyn.  Blodwyn 威爾斯文是白色小花意思

In 2015 I went to visit him again, and finally made it up to the Snowdonia! The Snowdonia is the highest mountain in Wales and the second highest in UK after Ben Nevis. It is 1085m high , that’s low compared to the mountains in Taiwan, nevertheless it is a mountain that many Brits, particularly Welsh are very proud of.
在2015年我再度去探訪這朋友,今次我終於登上斯諾登山! 這座全威爾斯最高的山,僅次於坐落蘇格蘭全英國最高的本尼維斯山。相比臺灣的山,斯諾登山其實只屬於小山丘,因它只有1085米高。但對英國人來說,尤其威爾斯人,他們都以這山為榮。snowdon2There are six hiking routes to the top of Snowdonia ranging from different levels of difficulty, each taking about 6 to 7 hours. Of course I didn’t choose the most difficult ones. I went up the Pyg Track and came down the Miners’ Track, as they each offered a slightly different view of this famous landmark.

Coming up the Pyg Track. By this time I had been climbing for over three hours, it was hard work!  上山之路,已走了三小時,很累呀!

Made it at last!  The view from the top of Snowdonia.  終於到山頂啦!


Looking back at the Miners’ Track  that I just came down from.  Feeling proud!  回望剛才下山之路,感到自豪!


They make it look so easy  小山羊看上好像十分輕鬆

For those who don’t want to hike, there is the Snowdon Mountain Railway. The final part of my hike ran along side the railway track, so I imagine the view is just as breathtaking coming up on the train.
不想那麼辛苦的遊客可以坐觀光火車登山。我登山的步道最後一段是在火車路軌旁邊走,四周真的很漂亮,我想沿途的風景也應該是一樣迷人噢!snowdon5snowdon6However, I think my view coming up has to be better than the train as nothing beats the beauty and satisfaction when you have worked hard to achieve it!



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