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很多人常說臺灣醫療制度很棒,今天終於(不幸地)體驗到,或正確來說應是我另一半 OH 親身經歷。
People always rave about how excellent the health system in Taiwan is. Today I (unfortunately) had to experience it first hand – well pretty much as the patient was my Other Half.

今早OH 醒來時身體極痛楚,連走路也不能於是立即請救護車送他到醫院。到達急診後,醫護人員馬上替他檢查。我當時想,如果在英國公立醫院若非緊急,大概還要等上一大段時間才可以診察吧。但其實當時OH 真的非常痛楚,加上早上八時多急診很少其他病人,可能這個原因所以不用等。
OH woke up this morning with acute pain and couldn’t even walk to the front door so I had to call an ambulance to take him to A&E. We were treated immediately which is quite a contrast to the UK NHS when sometimes you have to wait for quite a while if your condition isn’t urgent. But then OH was clearly in a lot of pain and there weren’t any other patients around at 8am in the morning.

打過兩支止痛針後(連原本有點牙痛也不再痛),又照斷層掃描及靜脈注射腎盂(即注射顯影劑檢查尿路系統)醫生很快就診斷OH 有結石。他建議可在下午處理,於是 OH 就選擇較為簡單的體外震波碎石術。在這時侯,OH 已超過17小時末有進食,加上整個早上極痛楚及我們剛在之前一晚才從日本回來,他整個人巳經筋皮力盡。幸好只要再多等半小時,醫護人員午飯後他就可以脫離苦海。
After a couple of pain killer injections (which incidentally relieved his toothache as well), a CT scan, and an IVP (that’s where they inject special dye in your veins to take X rays of the urinary system) he was diagnosed with having a stone in his system. They offered to remove the stone for him in the afternoon so he opted for the non invasive method of SWL, using high frequency sound waves from outside the body to fragment the stone。 By this time OH was totally exhausted due to the lingering pain, lack of food (his last meal was over 17 hours ago) plus the fact that we had only just come back from Japan the evening before. Luckily we only had to wait for another half an hour more for the staff to return from their lunch break.

In the UK, we would probably have to wait for the NHS to schedule the SWL treatment at a later date. But her in Taiwan we were totally self funding so I don’t know if that made a difference in the speed of treatment. Or is the entire medical treatment here so efficient that regardless of your status, you will always receive full treatment on the same day? The main thing is that the problem is resolved, and OH is now recuperating.

還有一件小插曲,今早替OH 登記時,因為擔心及焦急寫錯他的名字,文變民。OH 在極痛苦下都注意到,還抱怨幾聲說我倆結婚超過20年我還寫錯他的名字!我真有一點懷疑,究竟他是否真的那麼痛楚呢 ??!!🤔😄
Amidst the panic and worry this morning , I wrote OH’s Chinese name incorrectly during registration. Despite his pain, he still noticed that and managed to protest that although we’ve been married for over 20 years I still can’t write his name correctly! So I’m starting to wonder was he really in that much pain ??!! 🤔😄

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  1. He’s much better now, thank you.
    Tokyo is great to get a feel of modern Japan. If you like the traditional side of Japan, then Kyoto is a must, it’s about an hour away from Osaka by train. The whole train network is quite user friendly even for tourists and on schedule! English is not commonly spoken in Japan especially outside of Tokyo and hotel rooms are typically very small. Hope you have a great time.


  2. Sound like Taiwan has a good health system, I wish it was like this everywhere. Speedy recovery to your other half, you will never hear the end of you spelling his name wrong 😂 any advise on visiting Japan from the UK? I’m planning to visit early next year.

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