Cracks 裂痕

In my recent post about Bristol, I mentioned Banksy and his work. Last weekend he painted a new mural at Dover in England.

The mural is a massive EU flag with its 12 stars, and a worker busy chiselling away one of the stars. If you look closely, you can see cracks across the flag from the chiselled star.

Photo : StreetArtNews

Dover is England’s port gateway to continental Europe, separated at the farthest by only 33km stretch of water across the English Channel. It is so near that when I went to the famous White Cliffs of Dover and Dover Castle a few years ago, I got a text message from the mobile operator in France welcoming me to roam on their network.

UK’s distance with Europe is slowly widening, and soon, like the star on the mural, we will disappear from EU.


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