Waiting 等

瑜伽課開始前,跟四位同學一起在教室裏等著。等的時候我習慣先做些拉筋的熱身動作。我望望其他四位同學,你猜她們正在做甚麽?Was in the classroom with four other girls waiting for my yoga class to start. I did my usual stretching excercise whilst waiting, and glanced around the room. Guess what the other four girls were doing ?

就連老師步入課室那一刻也禁不著說:“課室裡有五位學生,四位都在玩手機!”Even the yoga teacher couldn’t resist commenting when she walked into the classroom, “Five people in the room and four are on their mobile phones!”

同學們,靜心去準備做一件事會有更大收穫噢!Friends, calm preparations could yield more fruitful rewards!



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  1. It makes me sad whenever I see people glued to their phones. I have a cousin who has related cell phone attachment to the zombie disease; people walking around, emotionless, with blank stares, unaware of their surroundings, consumed by a sub-conscience force to not be in the present… it actually makes sense if you think about it…


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