Rubber Ducks 小鴨子

It’s been a terrible week for my old hometown London with the terror attack.  With weekend coming I’d like everyone to start it with with some fun.   I had a family reunion last week with 160 members of my old family, here is a photo of them all.


I used to have three main collections, the biggest one being my matchboxes.  The second one were rubber ducks where I had over 300.  Here are some old photos of about 90% of them.


When I moved to Taiwan I couldn’t bring them all with me and sadly had to give them away.    Fortunately, my sister in law agreed to foster care over half of them for me.  A few months ago I bought them home, and last week I finally got round to unpack and bathe them, so they can settle down in their new home.


I now have about 50 Traditionalist。The smallest ones are actually magnets, and the small ones on the right with a red thread are a gift from an airline.


The biggest ones I have are Duck Mama with her summer straw hat, and mega pink B Duck standing proudly next to her.

我最大的鴨子有帶著涼草帽的鴨媽媽,及站在她旁很神氣的B 鴨姐姐。

My favourite ones are the Pink Ladies. There’s a sassy one at the back draped in her flurry wrap and quite a few Cancer Research charity ducks.  I think it’s great when I can mix my hobby with charity.


Rubber ducks comes in all sorts and sizes nowadays and not just the traditional yellow ones.  Take a look at the rest of my gang.  Did you find the astronaunt, Superman,  the Bride and Groom, and the footballer? Or is there another that caught your eye?


And finally, here’s the Brit Pack.  The head of the pack is Union Jack, flanked by Wales and Irish on the left (I couldn’t find Scotland on my UK road trip last year), and the London 2012 Olympic Boxer and Cyclist on the right.


Despite the terrible terror attack in London this week, I’m sure the Brits will keep going and march on!



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