Christmas holiday聖誕旅遊


Christmas is traditionally spent catching up with family and loved ones especially those that we don’t normally see much during the year.  In Taiwan, Christmas is not a public holiday, so everybody still has to go to school or work unless it falls on a Sunday like this year.  Having said that, many shopping malls still put up delightful Xmas decorations so people can still enjoy the festive season.



I haven’t seen my family from UK for many months, so Xmas is a perfect time to catch up and go away on another family holiday.   A few years ago 16 of us went away on a Norway and Iceland cruise, and last year 9 of us drove around Kyushu in Japan for 8 days.  This year 9 of us are going to do a tour around Taiwan.  I started to plan the trip 2 months ago, researching for interesting hotels, eateries and sight seeing spots, with the hope of avoiding the mass tourist at the same time.  Although Xmas is not a holiday in Taiwan, this beautiful island still attracts many tourists, particularly from neighbouring countries, hopefully we won’t bump into too many of them during our trip.


This year we decided to hire a mini bus and driver to save us the hassle of driving around the island ourselves.  This morning we set off to our first stop Tainan, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when the bus pulled up to pick us up.  A massive 27 seater complete with on board TV and karaoke just for the 9 of us!  This is going to be fun, we can party around the island this Xmas!




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