Twenty one years 二十一年

That’s how long we’ve been married this week.  Last year we celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary with a trip to Copenhagen, an innovative food heaven for foodies like us.  Here’s our foodie journal from a year ago ….


Our first stop as soon as we arrived was to Radio for lunch.  The simplistic decor with dark wood settings but flooded with natural light from the big front window was a very welcoming sight.  Who would have thought roast belly pork with blueberries is a match made in heaven?

到達後我們第一站馬上到Radio吃午飯。著名北歐簡潔裝璜配上時尚深木色檯椅,陽光通過大窗戶湧入室內,感覺很舒服… 很北歐,未點菜已有相當不錯的預感。上菜後,真沒想到烤豬腩肉配與藍莓是天造之合噢。



Like most people who visit Copenhagen for the first time, we tried to get into Noma but that’s pretty much near to impossible. So our evening meal at AOC was the highlight of our trip .  Nevertheless, AOC still turned out to be top notch. I forgot how many courses there were on the tasting menu, but a couple really stood out in terms of presentation, cooking methods as well as taste.  The first was potato baked in hay and clay, complete with a little hammer to break it open. Searching for the little gems was really fun and I nearly left one behind until the waiter made sure I had found all of them.  My favourite course in the entire meal, was turbo baked in juniper berry. There was a hint of fresh juniper berry aroma as I carefully cut open the little parcel, and the turbo was baked to absolute perfection.  My only gripe with AOC was that although they knew we were celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary, we didn’t even get a dessert or drink on the house.  Not that I was desperate for the freebie, but its about going that extra mile which is very important in the hospitality industry.




Next day we went to Fiskebar for lunch.  This place is famous for fish and shellfish and is located at a former meat packing store.  We sat outside to enjoy the lovely day, watching the buzz of the Sunday food market across the road.  Sadly I started to have a toothache by this time so couldn’t  eat much food, though I’m told it was very good.  Not much can stop me from my favourite course, so I still managed to gulp down the dessert with tarragon ice cream which was unexpected very yummy.

第二天,我們到Fiskebar吃午飯。這地方以魚類和海產著名,位於一個改建的肉類加工場。我們坐在外面享受燦爛陽光,看著對面街人來人往的熱鬧市集。可惜這時我剛開始有點牙疼不能吃太多食物 ,但聽OH說它們出品也相當不錯。話雖如此,這世上沒有太多東西可阻止我吃我最喜愛的甜品。原來龍蒿冰淇淋是出奇地非常美味噢!

ice cream


No trip to Denmark would be complete without coming home with something from their sleek designs.  This stylish clock proudly hangs on our living room wall in Taiwan now.



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