上錯課 Going to the wrong class

我的生活方式不算太健康,雖然我不煙不酒亦不會夜夜笙歌,但我也沒有做太多運動或刻意吃得很健康。多年來我唯一保持練習的只有瑜伽,以及近幾年在英國開始遠足。醫生說這些都不是有氧運動,所以實際上並不會令我更健康。但對於我這個懶人來說,如果它令我保持活躍,及讓我心裡感覺很好,已很足夠 – 至少暫時我還未開始擔心我的健康。

I’m not known for my healthy lifestyle. Well I don’t smoke or drink or party every night, but neither do I do much sports or make a conscious effort to eat healthily.  My only form of exercise which I have been doing more or less consistently over the years is yoga, and in more recent years hiking.  Neither of these are cardio excercise so they don’t actually improve my health a lot, but for lazy me, if it keeps me on the move and makes me feel better, then its good enough for me  – at least for the time being.


來台灣安頓了之後,我第一件做的事就是參加瑜伽班。起初我都有點擔心因為我的中文真的很爛(其實到現在依然如此) 。很多時我都聽不懂老師的指示,幸好我已練習瑜伽一段時間,所以很容易就跟得上。其實我發覺原來上瑜伽課對學習身體部位名稱非常好噢!

昨天,我搞亂了時間表,走到一個有氧健身班。正當我準備離開時,心想不如嘗試新東西也無妨吧。我跳了短短十五分鐘的有氧舞後,已很後悔這個決定。學習動作還要緊跟步伐真是相當困難,而且我常常因為動得太慢,幾乎不停地碰撞到別人。我看著牆壁上的鐘,時間好像都沒變過,好肯定時間在那一小時裡一定有停止過, 否則六十分鐘課程沒理由那麼久!

After I settled down at Taiwan, one of the first thing I did was to enrol on a yoga class. Initially I was a bit worried as my mandarin was (and still is) pretty rubbish.  Most of the time I couldn’t understand the instructions, but having done yoga for quite a long time I could follow most of the poses easily.  In fact, it turns out that my yoga classes are very good for learning body parts in mandarin!

Yesterday, I mixed up the timetable  and turned up to an aerobic class.  I was about to leave, when I though there’s no harm in trying something different.  Fifteen minutes into the lesson, I was really regretting my decision.  Learning the moves and keeping up with the pace was more difficult than I thought, and I nearly bumped into the others when I couldn’t move fast enough.  I kept glancing at the clock in the room and I’m pretty sure time stood still sometime during that sixty minutes as there’s no way a class can last that long.


下課後我要休息超過一小時才可以慢慢復原。其實感覺還是蠻好的, 所以我也為自己做了一個很健康的鮮果沙拉,來結束這極辛苦但健康的一天。今天起床, 我雙腳酸軟無力, 走路也不能快. 有氧運動就到此為止, 我還是繼續練習瑜伽吧!

It took me over an hour to recover yesterday but I did feel quite good afterwards, so good that I made myself a fresh fruit salad to top off a healthy day.  This morning when I woke up, my legs were really aching and I could only walk very slowly.  I think that’s my cardio exercise done.  I’ll stick to yoga in future.  Namaste.


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  1. Namaste,

    As a choreologist, also having the Jane Fonda Workout (Aerobics) teachers certificate, may I advice you to leave out aerobics of your diet. It is no healthy training form at all for lay people. It is damaging the body a lot and should be avoided, certainly in in countries where a person can even become more hydrated than only by the exercising.

    It is the wrong idea by lots of people that the do have to sweat a lot and have to feel pain after they exercised. Feeling pain our too much sourness is an indication you have done something wrong or demanded the wrong things from your body. Please do listen to the body language and move it in a healthy way, like many forms of yoga may keep your body fit and healthy. Remember also that by doing yoga you are working also on internal organs and continualy creating a healing or recovering process.

    For the cardiovascular exercises you better go jogging and do some swimming.

    Keep fit and healthy not damaging your body. Good luck.


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